Using a Cashback Site – 5 Steps

Just 5 quick steps to help ensure you get your cashback…

Please Don’t be Put Off!
The steps below are just extra things you can do to help the tracking process on Cashback Sites. If it’s all too much work then it’s still worth going through a Cashback Site without doing anything special. Tracking usually works without users doing anything – or else advertising on the internet wouldn’t work!

A few Steps when using a Cashback Sites:

  1. Clear out your Cookies.
    It is possible that you visited the online retailer in the past by following a link from an advert or other Cashback Site. To ensure that the retailer rewards the Cashback Site for the sale and not another site that won’t give you cashback, it is a very good idea to clean out your cookies
  2. Turn off your popup blocker
    Some online retailers use popups as part of their method of tracking. The majority don’t but it’s worth disabling your blocker just in case.
  3. Check that nothing else will prevent tracking
    If you have some other systems on your computer designed to block advertisements or prevent tracking cookies, you should check that it won’t stop the sale being tracked
  4. Go to the Cashback Site
    Log into your preferred cashback site and find the online shop you want to use.
  5. Click through and buy
    Click through to the online shop and buy the product(s) you want. If there are any transaction numbers mentioned then be sure to make a note of them so that you can quote them if the Cashback Site has to put in a manual claim for your Cashback

See all of the above in the following walkthrough:

Cashback Walkthrough Tutorial

Also available:
Condensed pdf version (Right-Click to download) Cashback Walkthrough pdf

Many Cashback Sites will give some important advice to help make sure your cashback is tracked. (Cashback Rewards have a very good help page here)