Tips to get you started

Just a few of tips to get you started with using cashback sites:

Join Now
The chances are that when you are next shopping online you won’t want to got through the trouble of registering with cashback sites and reading all the terms and conditions. But if you’ve already registered and it’s only a case of logging in and seeing if your preferred internet shop has a discount, then you’re probably much more likely to use it.

Only use a few sites
You can join as many cashback sites as you like, but bear in mind that cashback sites almost always have a level you must reach before you can get your money. Using many sites to always get the best deal isn’t much use if it means your rewards are spread over several sites and you can’t withdraw it – It may be much better to use only a few sites and reach the minimum payment level quickly. Remember it’s not real money until it’s in your pocket.

Choosing a Cashback sites
There are several things to think about when deciding which site to use: