High Street Cashback

"High Street" or "Offline" Cashback is a new service that some Cashback Sites have started to offer.

In essence the idea is that any Credit or Debit card can become a Reward card for using when out in the real world away from your computer

How it works –Credit Card

  1. Register your card number with a Cashback Site offering High Street Cashback
  2. Use your card at one of the participating retailers when visiting one of their high street stores
  3. The retailer automatically recognises your card has been registered with the Offline Cashback site and sends them the reward to be added to your account

    This does mean that you have to trust the cashback site with your credit/debit card number.

    You should never have to enter your pin number or 3-digit Card Security Code !

    If you have registered your card with a Cashback Site and you then change your mind and would like to use a different one then you must first remove your card from the first site (Or else your cashback will go to the first site).

    All the sites below have the facility to remove your card if you wish.


    Sites Offering High Street Cashback:



    Shops that are currently Participating: