Note: This page is new and incomplete – Check back for updates.

Many Cashback sites offer you the ability to donate some or all of the cashback you have earned to a good cause. Some even make it clear in their name like Give or Take and UShopUCare. Also listed on Cashback News are sites like Moneyjar and easyfundraising that aren’t Cashback Sites as they only give you the option of donating to charity (In yellow boxes to clearly distinguish them from Cashback Sites).

This page  will help you find them.


Dedicated Fundraising Shopping Sites

These are sites that do not give users cashback. All money must be donated to a good cause.

Cashback Sites that offer Fundraising Option

These are cashback sites that also offer the ability to give money you collected in your account to a cause instead.


It would help a great deal if users could list sites that allow you to donate to a good cause – either by using the Contact page