New Chart Now Available

The new Alexa chart for the third quarter 2008 is now available

Email address update

Just a quick post to say that I’ve discovered that the email address has been misconfigued and some emails have not been getting through. A new temporary email address has been posted on the Contact page until I’m absolutely sure this is fixed. If you tried to get in touch via the email address and received an error, or did not receive a reply, then please try the new address.



Update – 14 July 08 – Smart Cashback – Cashback Comparison

A new Cashback site comparer has just been launched – Smart Cashback

Other sites to compare the rate you can get back from various Cashback Sites are’s Cashback Maximiser and Frugaller

[Smart Cashback is] similar to frugaller, MSE’s cashback maximiser etc., but I like to think that where we better all of these sites is in the range of cashback sites we compare (26 sites, compared to MSE’s 13 and frugaller’s 20) and in the quality of the data – We’ve spent a lot of time cleansing the retailer information so that (hopefully) each retailer only appears once, rather than the multiple times of other sites (ie. Search for Tesco on MSE’s maximiser and you get a multitude of different tesco options – On ours, you just get one result). The cashback amount information is also substantially cleaner than you’ll find on many of the other comparison sites.

Update – 7 July 08

After a few weeks where there was hardly any change in the Cashback community, there’s quite a bit to get through this week. You’ll see a few new sites have been added below.

Raining Cashback is under new Management

Yes were back under new management.This time we will not let you down.We have a new fresh look, excellent customer support team, dedicated phone support, rapid updates regular, instant payments and masses of easy cash offers.The money will really be raining on you and you can earn even more on our forums.Its raining money at Rainingcashback now under new ownership.

Cashback Rewards now give 100% cashback

You will receive 100% of the base commissions given to us by the retailers for your purchases, in order to achieve this we will begin charging a annual membership fee of £5, this will be deducted from your first claim in each 12 month period (1st July to 30th June) if you don’t earn enough to make a claim, or decide not to claim within that year you will not be charged the membership fee for that year.

The membership fee of £5 is deducted when we process your first claim each year, all further claims during that year are free.

No claim = No fee, If you don’t earn nor do we, so if you do not make a claim we dont charge a membership fee

Six sites to be removed from Cashback News

Quite a few Cashback sites have died in the past month (Or at least they’re unreachable)

SIX sites will be removed from Cashback News over the next week. It’s often hard to tell if a Cashback Site has been abandoned or just down temporarily, but they have to be removed eventually

Site Unreachable


Site down – apparently being upgraded (I’ll leave you judge for yourself if it’s worth waiting for them coming back by the message on the homepage)


Forwards to a non-casbhack site

Site Unreachable

Cashback Cabin

Now a Parking Page


Cashback Cabin Url is


No Longer a Cashback Site

Quaterly Chart now available (June 30 2008)

The Alexa Cashback Website rankings are now available here.

113 sites are now listed. The next chart will be published on 30th September 2008

Update – 26 May 08

Quids-In-UK now QuidsInUK

Only one small update this week. QuidsInUK have dropped their hyphens

We have just moved over to a dedicated server, to give us more speed and functionality. As part of this move, our main domain name has changed to:

Notice, no hyphens! We think it looks much neater and is easier to remember (and say out loud).

The site has undergone an overhaul with updated information and a slight design restructure. We have also streamlined our branding to: QuidsInUK.

No spaces, No hyphens, as in the logo.

Referral links have also changed, so if you link to QuidsInUK they will still work for the time being but you should change them

Update – 14 April 08

Arctic Direct Under new Management

Arctic Direct (BreezyRewards, BreezyVault) taken over by LIvStomp UK –

Arctic Direct has been taken over by LiveStomp UK and we are relaunching on Wednesday 16th April!
As an incentive to drive you all back to BreezyRewards we are paying you 100% commision on the paid clicks and a selection of free offers for 24 hours only on Wednesday 16th April!
We will be paying members a 50p joining bonus when joining the site.
When customers refer a friend to our site they will earn 40p for every friend that joins and requests their first payment via their preferred payment method.
And just to put a bit of confidence back into the existing members, We have smooth operation in place to ensure the transaction confirmation process and the system that processes payments work a treat!
I was wondering if it would be possible to make your members aware of the 100% cashback offer on all paid clicks on Wednesday 16th April for me please. If you are affiliated with Trienta Affiliates we do pay 30p per signup on there so you could make some dosh out of the signups. I would be very grateful!

Update – 31 March 08

New Alexa Chart

Cashback Chart for end March 2008

The chart for the first quarter 2008 is now up. Previously a chart was put up every month but that has become very difficult now that there are 102 sites to watch. The chart compares the position of the Cashback Site on the 1 Jan with 31 March 2008. The next chart will appear 31 June.





You really don’t like Referral Links!

Just for those of you who are curious –

Recently Cashback News started using Google Analytics just to check out how people use the site. So far on the front page it has been very surprising to see how many people use the non-referral links compared to the referral.

Underneath links that benefit Cashback News (at no cost to you) you will always find a  non-referral link for you to use if you prefer. (“The link above is a referral link. If you prefer to join without this site benefiting, you can use…”)

 No-one used the referral link, 15 used the referral!

For the vast majority of links, the average clicks for the referral link is 0 or 1 clicks, compared to 15 to 30 for the non-referral link.

Update – 24 March 08


Cashback Guide – New comparison tool


Cashback Guide

Cashback Guide it a new tool searching several cashback sites for the best deal.

Two other services previously mentioned are Frugaller and’s Cashback-Sites Maximiser

Update – 17 March 08

Hi everyone

There haven’t been any updates to Cashback News for a couple of weeks because there wasn’t any big news.

It is often the case that Cashback sites make very small changes to their sites,  but a post about it isn’t put here because each post triggers an automatic email to everyone who has subscribed to be updated in that way and they probably would not welcome too frequent emails about little things.

It may be better to have a single day when Cashback News is updated (like the one below) so that all news, big and small, can be added. This may encourage more  users to subscribe to the email since they’ll know they will only get an email once a week.

What do you think? Contact or Comment on this post.


This weeks News


Today saw the inclusion of the 100th Cashback site on Cashback News, Magic Cashback. There are actually many more than 100 cashback sites – there are plenty of White-Label cashback sites that haven’t asked to be listed yet, and there are probably quite a few cashback sites that haven’t been discovered.



CashBack Xtreme have become the latest Cashback Site to start giving 100% cashback.

Until recently there were only 3 sites giving 100% back and now there are 9. It will be interesting to see if they challenge Quidco’s dominance.



Money Back Madness have dropped their Minimum Payout to £20 after the first withdrawal (£35 for the fist) and have launched Senior Cashback targeting Cashback shoppers over 50.




Ei42 was recently featured on Cashback News as a potential new Cashback site. I asked if it was a ‘Cashback Site’ since they follow a different model from the usual Cashback sites. Since then quite a lot of search engine traffic has come to Cashback News from people searching for “ei42” (and I’ve seen quite a lot of spamming on various sites and forums from its members – have even added it to their filter so no-one can post it on their forums.)

So is it a ‘Cashback Site’? The fact that it doesn’t reveal the percentage cashback returned when making purchases is a big problem so it won’t be listed as a Cashback Site here.


Updates to Cashback News


The Cashback Ranking page will only be updated every 3 months from now on. It has become extremely difficult to collect and process the information from 100+ cashback sites every month. Additionally, Alexa ranking reflects traffic over a much longer period of time. If a cashback site has a really good month, that would probably not have an immediate affect on the alexa rank at the end of that month.

A new Fundraising page is slowly taking shape to list all those sites that give you the ability to give your cashback to a cause. Some let you join as a group to raise money for your group. Others let you give your cashback earned to a charity. This page will be cleaned up and expanded over the next month.

The Latest from the Cashback Sites in the sidebar and Blogs and Updates page now collects the latest posts from the blogs and update pages from 19 sites. The only sites that haven’t been included that have a blog or update pages are Greasy Palm and Wepromiseto who I have not been able to obtain permission from (I’ve tried a few different ways to contact them with no success).


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