Cashback News is here to track the major news from the UK’s Cashback sites. Over the past couple of years there has been an explosion in the number of cashback sites.

The various affilate schemes and White Label providers around today mean they can now be quickly and easily created and it is becoming increasingly difficult to decide which are the most reputable or who will give you the best deals.

For now this site will only keep track of the Alexa rankings and publish a monthly chart of their position. Alexa rankings are of course only a rough indicator of how popular a site is. It will not tell you about why a site has so many visitors, or if they would recommend the site at all! The best way to find the best deals and judge the trustworthiness of a site is to find what other people are saying about it:

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Important Note Many Cashback Sites will reward members for referring new customers. Always consider that a site may be being recommended or discussed a lot because they give the highest referral rewards. Check what is in it for the person recommending the website. Where Cashback News will be different than many blogs/sites that cover cashback sites is that all cashback sites will be listed – not just the ones that have a referral payout.

Pleeeease help by telling me about any cashback sites you know that I haven’t listed.

If you own or run a Cashback Website, see the Cashback Site Owners page