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Update – 21 July 08

New Front Page

You may have noticed that Cashback News has a new static front page rather than the blog style.

This is so that new and existing users can find links and information more quickly. The new front page is not finished yet and will undoubtedly change and grow as we find out what works and what doesn’t. You can still see the blog style by clicking “Updates” at the top of every page.

Student Money Back Price Promise

Many thanks to Richard of Student Money Back for informing me about their new Daily Clicks Price Promise –

Lots of you will do a range of daily clicks on a number of sites each day, and we want you to build into your daily routine.

It’s all well and good a cashback site offering you great rates of cashback when you sign up, but unless they stay at good rates long enough for you to cash out, then you could end up losing out on the cashback you have earned.

That’s why we have come up with the Daily Clicks Price Promise. We promise to keep our great rates of cashback on daily clicks till at least 2009. That gives you loads of time to get paid your cashback at least once, if not more…

Tuxedo Cashback

Tuxedo Cashback say:

Tuxedo Cashback pays YOU to shop at over 1000 online stores – simply sign up for free and you will start earning cash back immediately on your purchases.

Once a month your Cashback will either be loaded onto your Tuxedo Prepaid Card, provided you’ve reached the minimum Cashback level of £10, or you will be sent a FREE Tuxedo Card when you have reached a threshold of £10. If you haven’t reached the payment threshold level in a given month, your earnings remain in your account and roll into the following month.

Visit Tuxedo Cashback



CashinBag say: has establised relationships with hundreds of online retailers and services that pay us commissions on sales that are made from shoppers through

We simply provide you the opportunity to keep a percentage of that commission each time you shop with one of our participating merchants.
What’s more, our members can earn money by
Signing Up, Clicking and Referring. At Cashinbag, our goal is to make your shopping experience as hassle-free
and rewarding as possible.

Visit CashinBag



SaveSpy say: is a cash back reward site in UK, which helps its members earn cash back every time they do their usual shopping online. We have teamed up with hundreds of major online retailers and high street shops, banks, insurance companies etc., to bring you the best deals and extra cash back.
The cash back our members earn is on top of the special incentives, offers, sale prices and online discounts provided by our retailers.

Visit SaveSpy

Email address update

Just a quick post to say that I’ve discovered that the email address has been misconfigued and some emails have not been getting through. A new temporary email address has been posted on the Contact page until I’m absolutely sure this is fixed. If you tried to get in touch via the email address and received an error, or did not receive a reply, then please try the new address.



Update – 14 July 08 – Smart Cashback – Cashback Comparison

A new Cashback site comparer has just been launched – Smart Cashback

Other sites to compare the rate you can get back from various Cashback Sites are’s Cashback Maximiser and Frugaller

[Smart Cashback is] similar to frugaller, MSE’s cashback maximiser etc., but I like to think that where we better all of these sites is in the range of cashback sites we compare (26 sites, compared to MSE’s 13 and frugaller’s 20) and in the quality of the data – We’ve spent a lot of time cleansing the retailer information so that (hopefully) each retailer only appears once, rather than the multiple times of other sites (ie. Search for Tesco on MSE’s maximiser and you get a multitude of different tesco options – On ours, you just get one result). The cashback amount information is also substantially cleaner than you’ll find on many of the other comparison sites.


Clinkcashback say: is an interactive website designed to offer cashback on your online shopping. Our dynamic system offers wide range of online retailers, discount voucher codes and special offers for making online shopping fun and easy for our customers. also offers the ability to review the stores and our offers to help other customers.

Visit ClinkCashback

Update – 7 July 08

After a few weeks where there was hardly any change in the Cashback community, there’s quite a bit to get through this week. You’ll see a few new sites have been added below.

Raining Cashback is under new Management

Yes were back under new management.This time we will not let you down.We have a new fresh look, excellent customer support team, dedicated phone support, rapid updates regular, instant payments and masses of easy cash offers.The money will really be raining on you and you can earn even more on our forums.Its raining money at Rainingcashback now under new ownership.

Cashback Rewards now give 100% cashback

You will receive 100% of the base commissions given to us by the retailers for your purchases, in order to achieve this we will begin charging a annual membership fee of £5, this will be deducted from your first claim in each 12 month period (1st July to 30th June) if you don’t earn enough to make a claim, or decide not to claim within that year you will not be charged the membership fee for that year.

The membership fee of £5 is deducted when we process your first claim each year, all further claims during that year are free.

No claim = No fee, If you don’t earn nor do we, so if you do not make a claim we dont charge a membership fee

Six sites to be removed from Cashback News

Quite a few Cashback sites have died in the past month (Or at least they’re unreachable)

SIX sites will be removed from Cashback News over the next week. It’s often hard to tell if a Cashback Site has been abandoned or just down temporarily, but they have to be removed eventually

Site Unreachable


Site down – apparently being upgraded (I’ll leave you judge for yourself if it’s worth waiting for them coming back by the message on the homepage)


Forwards to a non-casbhack site

Site Unreachable

Cashback Cabin

Now a Parking Page


Cashback Cabin Url is


No Longer a Cashback Site

VIC Centre

VI Centre say:

we are a new site targeting people who live around Nottingham and also the UK. We operate as a 100% cashback site with a fee of £2.50 for each withdrawal of funds from our members account so if our members withdraw funds once per year then all our admin fee would be £2.50 for that year.

Visit VIC Centre

Note: GMTV Cashback is a branded version of Greasypalm and shares its customer database. If you are already a member of Greasypalm you can login with your existing username

GMTV Cashback say:

1. Join Get £2.50 Welcome Bonus
2. Introduce A Friend Earn £7.00
3. Complete Offers Earn Up To £95 Per Offer
4. Get Paid To Shop Earn Up To 25% Cashback Per Purchase
5. Get Paid To Post Deals Earn Unlimited Cashback