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Jaypot Cashback

Jaypot say:

Startup site pioneering guaranteed cashback payouts, and discount codes. No annual charge like Quidco. Higher rates than Rpoints. Better design than TopCashBack!

Don’t forget to try our lightning-fast search before you look anywhere else…

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Cashback Cabin

Cashback Cabin

Cashback Cabin say:

Welcome to Save money while you shop and earn cashback with every online purchase via our site!

Cashback Cabin is a free to join website where you can make money either by shopping, just clicking, joining websites or doing online competitions.

With over 300 online shops and websites to choose from there are loads of offers to make you money. So join up today for free. Loads more offers are being added evrey day !!

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froggybank say:

Our mission
Help charities, fundraisers and consumers get a share of the billions of pounds of middleman’s commission spent by retailers every year
Offer more online shoppers opportunity to earn extra cashback without compromising on customer service
Offer a facilities for fundraisers, schools, clubs and charities to raise funds without any extra costs to them or their supporters
Raise awareness of climate change and support environmental charities using our revenue and our member donations
Offer facilities for shoppers to offset their yearly carbon emissions free of cost, just by doing their shopping

Other features:
Build fundraising pages
Maximum cashback guarantee
24 Hour customer service guarantee.

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Earn-Some-Cash say:

Welcome to new home of Earn-Some-Cash is a bright new site with lots ways to make some extra cash. Ok so you don’t shop online often thats not a problem, at Earn-Some-Cash you can earn free cash just by entering competitions, signing up to newsletters and lots more, check out our Easy Cash section for further information on this

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Update – 14 April 08

Arctic Direct Under new Management

Arctic Direct (BreezyRewards, BreezyVault) taken over by LIvStomp UK –

Arctic Direct has been taken over by LiveStomp UK and we are relaunching on Wednesday 16th April!
As an incentive to drive you all back to BreezyRewards we are paying you 100% commision on the paid clicks and a selection of free offers for 24 hours only on Wednesday 16th April!
We will be paying members a 50p joining bonus when joining the site.
When customers refer a friend to our site they will earn 40p for every friend that joins and requests their first payment via their preferred payment method.
And just to put a bit of confidence back into the existing members, We have smooth operation in place to ensure the transaction confirmation process and the system that processes payments work a treat!
I was wondering if it would be possible to make your members aware of the 100% cashback offer on all paid clicks on Wednesday 16th April for me please. If you are affiliated with Trienta Affiliates we do pay 30p per signup on there so you could make some dosh out of the signups. I would be very grateful!



BreezyVault say: is a cash back reward site in UK, which helps its members earn cash back every time they do their usual shopping online. We have teamed up with hundreds of major online retailers and high street shops, banks, insurance companies etc., to bring you the best deals and extra cash back.
The cash back our members earn is on top of the special incentives, offers, sale prices and online discounts provided by our retailers.
We do not use any complicated points reward system. Our rewards are given back in cash to our members.

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Reward Lover

Reward Lover

Reward Lover say:

Top UK cashback site with a difference! The unique CashBar toolbar allows for easy cashback shopping, it shows the latest offers and ‘quick cash’ sites. It’s FREE to join and you receive your Cashback in addition to the merchants own promotions.

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thinkcashback say:

UK Cashback site with MoneyMinder toolbar. The MoneyMinder toolbar will remind you if you visit a retailer eligible for cashback and ensure your visits are tracked. MoneyMinder also gives you easy access to retailers, product, book price and special offers direct from your Internet Browser.

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