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Mrs launches forum

Many thanks to Natasha of for pointing out that they’ve just launched a new forum:


MrsCashback Forum Link

Comparison Plus

Comparison Plus

Comparison Plus say:

The company behind Cashback Rewards launches a new site today,
Comparison Plus is a price comparison site, giving details down to product level, what makes this site special is the plus, should a user register and become a member they will also be able to recieve cashback on their purchases. (now there is a plus)
Comparison Plus is offering high cashback form the start (typicaly 90% of available commisions) and are looking to raise this to 100% with no anual fee once traffic allows.
Combine this with our customer service made famous through Cashback Rewards, and you have a site that would be very hard to beat.

Visit Comparison Plus



UniCashBack say:

What is UniCashback ?
The sites allows users to recieve money back when shopping online. This can be from 4% back when you shop at Thorntons through our site or £22.50 for signing up to broadband from the Carphonewarehouse.
Whose the site for ?
The site is aimed at students to save them money but anyone is able to sign up.

Visit UniCashBack

MoneySavingExpert to launch Cashback Site Comparison Checker is about to launch a Cashback Site Comparison Checker.

Note that they are describing the checker currently as “Alpha version” (which usually means a service is very new and known to have bugs)

Currently they are only including:

    * CashbackJunction
    * CashbackRewards
    * Ecashrewards
    * FreeFivers
    * Linemypocket
    * Mutual Points
    * Quidco
    * Rpoints
    * Topcashback


Their reason:

“Inclusion: We’re launching with the ones that are there just to get it going; we hope to add more

Order: I decided to have Topcashback and Quidco at the top as they usually win. The difficulty of comparing like for like means you need a benchmark, so we may as well start with the likely winners.”

Link to post announcing New checker

Similar Cashback Checkers:

    * Frugaller



Quanti say:

Quanti is a huge online shopping mall that gathers together over 500 stores and invites you to explore them at the comfort of your armchair. Whether you are shopping around for car insurance, DVD with your favourite movie or bottle of wine we are here to offer you wide choice of retailers that sell that online. But avoiding Saturday shopping mall crowds is not the only bonus – you will also receive some of the money you spend online back!
The idea behind Quanti is to pass 100% of middleman’s commission on to you – it’s your money in the end. It’s sweet and easy – you shop, you spend, you earn so that… you can shop and spend again!
And here are main features of our website:

We are true “100% cashback” website – we pass all commission from merchants on to our members

Visit Quanti



Its-totally-free say:

What is is a FREE shoppping/ Freebie directory. Unlike most Freebie, Special Offer Sites we will pay you cash discounts for certain sites that you shop/ register with via our site. The only difference between shopping via our site or going direct to the retailer is the fact the we will give you cashback from the commission they pay us (upto 50%) the actual products, prices and offers are no different.

Visit Its-totally-free



IslamCompare say:

It is the first of its kind in the UK or elsewhere and we believe it will
be the biggest muslim shopping site in 2008. In effect, it is the first
and only muslim-orientated cashback shopping comparison website in the UK.
It has hit a particular niche in the UK market and will be a welcome
addition for muslim users who are finding it difficult to find reliable
and well defined islamic sites.
We invite you to browse through the site as we are highly confident of its
features, but here I summarise the mission statement of
– Compare relevant shopping products from 1200+ online shops including
high street names such as boots, dixons etc
– Give the muslim user a reward or cashback on purchases made.
– From advertising profits and commissions from our end, we give 10% to
islamic charities.

Visit IslamCompare

town & country club

town and country club

town & Country club say:

So, who are we then?
Simply, we are a reward company, we reward all of our members for being part of the Town & Country Club.
* Rewards For Shopping Online
Our members are rewarded for shopping online by linking through our website. All of our members share a monthly pot of reward points which can be turned into cash. As our members increase so does the monthly pot!
* Rewards For Shopping Locally
Our members receive VIP offers from local companies listed on our site. Rather than earning points, our members get discounts & offers on everything they buy from local businesses. is a useful place where you’ll find great offers, discounts and rewards from big name brands such as John Lewis, Marks & Spencer, Boots through to small local businesses.

Visit town & country club

ClickandShare say:

There is no better time to sign up for your FREE Click and Share account and save money on your Christmas Present purchases. Many of the retailers that we feature have some excellent money saving offers and discount codes for the Christmas Period.
With our £5 sign up bonus, you are well on your way to receving your first cashback payment from us. Simply do your shopping through our links and earn cashback, not forgetting to utilise the numerous discount codes and vouchers available to you as a Click and Share member.
And don’t forget, we pay our members either through Paypal or via BACS transfer direct into your bank account.


Topcashback launches Facebook Applicaton

Top Cashback Facebook Application



TopCashBack has launched on FaceBook. You can now access your TopCashBack account without having to leave Facebook. (You can, of course, continue to use TopCashBack just as before by visiting
Link to Topcashback Facebook App

ISaved Cashback UK
previously launched as a Facebook-only cashback system in Sep 07