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Unbeatable say: will give you cashback on almost all of your online shopping requirements, from booking a last minute flight if you are going on holiday, finding cheap electrical appliances, the latest mobiles or 0% interest credit cards to great Christmas gift ideas.
For more details of current shopping deals, special online offers and discount codes for the 1200 plus UK shops found on our cash back site please see our regularly updated cashback blog



Note: KentCashback is a branded version of Greasypalm and shares its customer database. If you are already a member of Greasypalm you can login with your existing username


KentCashback say

Online retailers are always seeking out new customers.
Traditionally these retailers pay websites to advertise for them and pay them a commission for introducing customers.
Rather than keep all these commissions to ourselves, KentCashback shares the commission with its members!

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Cashback Rewards White Label Service

Many thanks to Chris at Cashback Rewards for pointing out that they also have a White Label offering – Cashback Portal.

Unlike other white label incentive sites our costs are fixed, others will offer you a free site but only give you up to 60% of the profits, there are some that will charge you £1000’s in set up costs and still cream off the top with a percentage charge, what this means to you if you are paying a percentage, the better you do the more expensive it is.
We charge a small setup fee (reflective of the work involved) and a set monthly charge, this doesn’t go up if your doing well, our charge is based on the hosting cost of the servers not the turnover of your site. This is an Incentive Portal you can actually earn a living from, you will receive 100% of commissions generated by your site.
Cashback Portal is run by a professional company with extensive experience in the Incentive Market, operating a number of incentive sites in the UK and the US some of which are run by ourselves others are white label sites branded with the owners branding.
Cashback Portal was designed to make the incentive site available to everybody at a price that everyone can afford, our pricing is based on the hosting costs you would incur should you start from scratch and have to lease your own servers. you keep 100% of the commissions, in this way everybody can compete on the same level

Full Statement: Cashback Portal – The ultimate white label incentive site
So for White Label Cashback solutions there’s the choice of

Any others?

GreasyPalm launches "Offline Cashback"

Many thanks to Neil at Greasy Palm for letting me know that they are now offering “Offline Cashback” –

Now you can earn GreasyPalm cashback when you shop on the high street!

It’s easy and there are no plastic loyalty cards to carry in your wallet!

Simply register your debit and credit card numbers. Then, when you shop in store with our partners using a registered card you will earn cashback rewards.

Remember, always pay with a registered card to collect cashback.
Shop On The High Street And Earn Cashback


  1. Register your credit and debit cards It’s safe and secure, see our security policy.
  2. Shop with our participating retailers
  3. Pay with a registered credit or debit card
  4. Earn cashback Automatically credited to your GreasyPalm account – 100% reliable if your card is accepted for payment your cashback is tracked!

GreasyPalm Offline Cashback

eDealsUK launch White Label Service

eDealsUK have launched a White Label service:

eDealsUK have been setting up the infrastructure to offer white-label sites to affiliates for over a year.
Here’s what you get:
– Your own custom loyalty site like eDealsUK
– Fully branded to your needs
– Flexibility to scale and add more features
– Option to edit and add content to parts of the website anytime
– We take care of maintaining merchant list, updating latest offers and vouchers
– We take care of customer queries through an online helpdesk
– We process payments to members through paypal or BACS
– Payments will be sent to members in your brand name
– Well defined SLA: All your customers will get a reply to their tickets within 24 working hours
– We have full time programmers and developers who can provide technical support when needed
– Monthly newsletters to customers with your branding
– Option to include your own offers in the emails
– Option for you to manage the mailing yourself if you prefer
– Sign-up bonus and friend referral bonus amounts for your customers can be customised
– You will be able to get people to sign-up to your site and the cashback site at the same time
– You can increase joining and referral bonuses during special promotions or marketing campaigns
– You can have the option of having full control of your customers email addresses
– Since we have many other cashback sites with hundreds of thousands of members, we can negotiate better commissions with merchants
– You have as much control of your member base as you want
– We do not take a “one size fits all” approach. If we need to modify our offering to suit your audience, we will.

Full statement: White-Label cashback site for affiliates. Up to 60% revenue share for life! No fees ever.
GreasyPalm already offers a White Label service but their system would appear to be much more tightly integrated with their own site sharing the same members ( You can login to any of them with your GreasyPalm login and vice versa).

eDealUK sites will be separate and have separate memberships

PoundPig say:

At Poundpig we would like to make your day easier and your bank account healthier!

We have teamed up with 100’s of high street retailers to offer you the best deals on the Internet for your online purchases with the added bonus of getting cashback for them!

Poundpig offers you an Internet shopping experience with a difference. Gone are the days of aching feet trawling round shops for your everyday purchases at the best prices, as we offer you standard products as well as the luxury and unusual goods, but with cashback as well. On top of all that, the products that you buy through Poundpig are already heavily discounted so you save time and make money.




E-Casher say: is an unique website through which its members can earn cashback for shopping, signing up with websites, performing a search or clicking on retailer’s website through our website, Referring your friends and many more. We don’t promise to make you rich but we do promise that we will help you to save and earn some money.
Sign Up Now and you can begin earning and saving within seconds and with our NO MINIMUM WITHDRAWAL Policy you can withdraw your money whenever you wish. Remember

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Student Money Back

Student Money Back

Student Money Back say: is a new money back website that helps students all of the UK to earn money back when they shop online!!!
As a student you will know how important it is to keep an eye on how much you spend, at least when you have to purchase something, you know that you can earn money back if you shop online through us.

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Cashback Network

Cashback Network

Cashback Network say:

At the heart of CashbackNetwork is a vision. A vision to build a network of members, retailers and charities who can all mutually benefit from the newest concept in online shopping – Cashback Shopping!
We are principally an online shopping centre, featuring a network of over 1000 retailers, including many leading UK brands such as HMV, M&S & NEXT. We reward our members with 100% of the advertising commission we receive on all purchases. If they wish, our members can choose to donate a % of their cashback to one of the charities featured on our network.
So there you have it, welcome to CashbackNetwork, where you get paid cashback every time you shop online!

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