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SuperCashBack say:

Super Cash Back was established in order for our members to benefit, by receiving free cash back, whilst shopping online at High Street Stores through our website. We make it our highest priority to ensure the security and confidentiality of the personal identifiable information you provide.
We are committed to providing our members with the best possible service.

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NightimeUK Rewards


NightimeUK say:

Start earning rewards for entering competitions and shopping through our partner stores. With up to 20% cashback plus a £5 start-up bonus bonus with your first reward earned you’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain.

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RollingInIt say:

RollingInIt is an online shopping catalogue that gives you cashback whenever you shop at one of our partner sites. Everytime you buy online, you could be earning money back just for shopping!
What’s the catch you might be asking? There isn’t one! Every time you shop with RollingInIt, we will pay you! You can get cashback on your credit card, so why shouldn’t you be able to get cashback when shopping online?

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British Rewards improve their Claims System

British Rewards have improved their Claims System:

    NEW Offer Claim System

    Guess what? We have made another improvement!

    Now if one of your transactions has not come through you can file an offer claim and we wil sort it out as soon as possible! All our members of staff will be involved with our offer claim system so it will be checked on all the time, so everyone’s transactions are looked into fast!

    This is a great way to make sure you get all your cashback and we are serious about tracking it down (please do not contact us via live chat for offer claims).

    So login to your account today, go to my account and click on file an offer claim all you have to do is fill in a simple form and we will try and get your cashback on your account within a few weeks.

Thanks for the update Matt



Valuebond Say:

Previous rewards cards and systems have failed to live up to their promise due to a general lack of useable incentives. ValueBond™ changes this by giving you real value when you shop for items that you buy everyday. This value comes in three unique ways:
1. Firstly through financial payment, onto your bank account by PayPal, for every item or service that you buy or offer that you sign up to.
2. Secondly by knowing that a portion of the incentive is paid to the charity associated with the promotion or in the case of an offer split between them
3. Thirdly by knowing that you only have to come to one place to get what you want and give some thing back to society.

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Cashback Junction withdraw annual fee, increases minimum payout

Cashback Junction have withdrawn their £5 annual fee and increased the minimum payout from £5 to £20

We have taken the decision not to charge annual admin fees anymore. This means that it is totally free for you to be a member of Cashback Junction! Spread the word to friends and family and if they use your referral link you will receive a pound when they request a payment.

We have increased the minimum payment amount to £20 but it won’t take you long to reach this amount.

No more admin fees!

Money Back Madness

Money Back Madness

Money Back Madness say:

Welcome to the website that pays you to shop online!
Imagine the biggest shopping centre you can, filled with all your favourite retailers. Now imagine that every time you bought something in this shopping centre, the shop assistants gave you some Money Back!…
Welcome to the newest concept in online shopping – MoneyBackMadness – the UK’s online shopping centre, where you get Money Back every time you shop online!

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Quidco launches "SureShop"

Quidco have launched a new programme called SureShop

As of today we are launching Quidco SureShop. The Quidco SureShop programme is a highly visible sign that you can depend on these merchants to resolve any problems or enquiries within 30 days of us contacting them with the issue. In the case of missing transactions for example we will be able to have a resolution for you within 30 days from the point we submit that enquiry to the merchant. This is an agreement we have in place with these merchants and any member enquiries from today on will be subject to this 30 day guarantee.
Quidco SureShop highlights:
– Guaranteed resolution time of 30 days from the time we contact SureShop merchants
– Increased confidence when shopping through Quidco that any problems will be sorted
– All missing enquiries on SureShop merchants resolved quickly and at 100% of the missing value
– Enquiries must be accurate and provide all information as requested by the merchant
– A successful resolution will result in the transaction added to your Quidco account – the payment period depends on the merchants invoice and payment cycle just as with a normal transaction.



CashItBack say:

Welcome to CashItBack UK Cashback Shopping site – where we reward you in real cash every time you do your normal everyday shopping online.
We have partnered up with more than 1000 UK online shops, high street shops, utility providers, supermarkets & service providers to source out find and bring you the best online shopping deals all in one simple to use directory.
How do you save money and get up to 45% bonus cashback for your normal online shopping purchases?

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PrizeShopping say:

After you join and log into our state of the art tracking software, monitors any purchases you make with one of our retailers. After you have made a purchase the cash back will be shown on your account within 48hrs, this amount will be pending in your account. We then invoice the advertiser for payment, when we receive that money your cash back will be cleared and is then available for us to send you via Cheque or BACS. Also when your payment has cleared you will be allocated your free numbers into the prize draw. It’s as simple as that. All you have to do is just sit back and collect your cash.