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CandisCashback say:

It is a well known fact that most, if not all, retailers and service providers will offer you, the consumer, great discounts by purchasing online instead of by traditional means – just look at pretty much any advert on TV or in the press!
CandisCashBack has taken this concept to a new level by negotiating additional cash back for all your on line purchases on TOP of the already discounted prices, with hundreds of retailers that you already buy from.
CandisCashBack Scours the web for the very best deals online from all retailers, and then negotiates cashback for you! When you make an online purchase through this site with one of our partners, CandisCashBack tracks your purchase and allocates your account with the relevant cash back earned!

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Cashback Points

Cashback Points

Cashback Points say:

Welcome to Cashback Points – giving you money back for shopping online!
Its easy to earn cashback points:
1: Register and shop using Cashback Points
2: Click shop link and order as normal
3: Earn cashback points
4: Receive a cheque in the post

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Guide 4 Shopping

Guide 4 Shopping

Guide 4 Shopping say:

Guide 4 Shopping is an interactive system designed to offer cashback to online shoppers.
Our dynamic system offers wide range of online retailers and list of cashback each user can earn. Guide 4 Shopping also offers reviews on stores and exclusive news to help you make buying decision from each store.

We provide high quality service to all customers.
The philosophy behind our system is to offer more to online shoppers for what they are going to spend anyway. Our interactive system also offers Amazon shopping experience on Guide 4 Shopping and potential to earn cashback.

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BigHair to close on the 31st March

Following on from the previous post on the BigHair forum, there is now an annoucement on BigHair’s homepage:

BigHair Closing 31st March
As a lot of people will have noticed, BigHair isn’t getting updated very quickly, and responses to contact emails aren’t really happening. Unfortunately, this is due to me haing absolutely no time whatsoever.
Because I have no time to keep BigHair going, I have taken the decision to close down BigHair at the end of March. All cashback that has been earned will get paid out as and when I get the money from the shops.

Rupiz Compare – formerly UK Online Market

Rupiz Compare

Rupiz Compare say:

Why Choose Us
* Compare and buy 1000s of products
* Earn cashback when you shop
* Find what you need from our extensive list of over 1800 merchants
* Refer a friend and get £ 1.00

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Teachers Cashback

Teachers Cashback

Teachers Cashback say is an exclusive Discount Shopping website for Teaching staff and their families in the UK.
We bring you exclusive discounts, voucher codes, coupons and special offers from major online retailers and service providers
You get EXTRA cashback on your usual online shopping without spending anything extra.
Our site is completely free to use and you even get £5 just to sign up!

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Note: – Assumed Closed – say:

Welcome to 4uni an exciting new student website
Members of 4uni can earn cashback at over 500 popular student websites and services. 4uni has forums, tips, reviews and league tables all helping to offer cheaper, safer and more enjoyable online shopping.
It is free to join 4uni and you will earn a bonus of up to £5. Just fill in the form at the top right of this page and you’re well on your way. also has its own forum and blog pages so you can get to know people in the community. More exciting features are to be added in the coming weeks and months. If you like the site you can refer friends and earn further bonuses.


The link above is a referral link. If you prefer to join without this site benefiting, you can use



NHSCashback say:

Welcome to NHScashback – free shopping portal for NHS staff and their families.
We team with major online shops in the UK to bring you Exclusive discounts, Voucher codes and Special offers on major brands.
You can save 100s of pounds a year without spending anything extra and get cashback payments from us.
Our service does not cost you anything.

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UShopUCare say

UShopUCare is all about saving you money and getting cashback whenever you shop online. Every time you make a purchase, you will also be helping local and national charities and fundraisers at no cost to yourself. When you become a member and use UShopUCare to make purchases, you can save hundreds or even thousands of pounds every year on the things you are already buying.
For example, spend £25 with HMV and you will get 2.5% cashback as well as getting an additional charity bonus donation. You will have raised £0.62 cashback and £0.12 auto donation to a charity of your choice, at no extra cost to your purchase. Make any purchase from Boots and get 3.25% cashback and a bonus charity donation.

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eBeyAndSave say:

Join eBuyAndSave today and start saving £££ on online shopping
1. Earn £5 when you Join eBuyAndSave
2. Earn cashback at 500+ top UK stores
3. Check the vouchers section for additional promotional vouchers
4. Earn cashback for signing up at various Merchants Sites (no purchases necessary)
5. And a lot more…

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